Kapoor, Jagdeep

9 Brand Shaastras: Nine Successful Brand Strategies To Build Winning Brands. - New Delhi : Response Books, 2004. - 117p.

M̀arkets dont̀ decline, they shift ̀says Jagdeep Kapoor in his thought provoking new book. Once again, Kapoor presents a powerful and effective roadmap on how to build successful brands. Terming these nine key brand elements as S̀haastras, ̀ he highlights important truths that each marketer must know to build healthy brands. Beginning from the Ǹeed Shaastra, ̀ which is the genesis of every product, Jagdeep Kapoor discusses key brand building elements such as brand awareness growth strategy (or the H̀eed Shaastra)̀ and brand market share growth strategy (or t̀he Breed Shaastr


Branding (Marketing)
Customer relations
Brand name products--Management